The attractiveness of Piermont Grand

A new freehold development right next to the east coast area of Sumang. It is a great property located short drive to the city area of Singapore. Built by the Guocoland company, the Piermont Grand stood on a prime plot which is the former Casa Meyfort historic house.

This condominium is an ideal location for buyers sourcing for a freehold development near amenities. The Piermont Grand provides world-class facilities for entertainment facilities for the residents, friends and family. There is a well-equipped and organised indoor gym for people who would love to keep fit and healthy.

There is huge space near to Piermont Grand Condo with a children’s play area and a swimming pool. In addition to that, the place is providing with a clubhouse, tennis court, sun deck, guardroom among many other interesting facilities.

It is not difficult to access the development with its good infrastructure. For people who are moving off in private means, you could access easily by the MRT station near Punggol. If you are using public transit means, then the property is accessed through the Sumang road. There are numerous shopping malls near the condominium providing a special shopping experience for you. Some of such centers included are like the leisure park and the waterway point.

The nearby beach park provides an ideal place for a recreational and picnic activities. The Punggol park has been in operation since the beginning of 1970s and help to offer the communities situated near to the coastal regions in Singapore. The park sat on 200 hectares with a shoreline spreading over20 km. You may relax and enjoy great times with your friend and family around the park. You can also enjoy in numerous sport activities inside the park like fishing, cycling and skating as well as beach volleyball.

In addition, the park provides more than 100 BBQ pits where you may cook your favorite meal with family and friends.. There are also a range of variety of eateries ranging from big restaurants to food centers. For visitors, the well-know delicacy is a great convenient place to enjoy over a cup of highly brewed coffee. The cafes also give cupcakes and fresh donuts.

Aiming for a freehold property near many good reputable schools is the main priority for every homeowner. It helps to save time for both the school going kids and parents. Examples of such schools are inclusive to the Dunman school, Katong schools, Kong Hwa high school among many more. A great life awaits you in the peaceful and beautiful Meyer Mansion.