Corporate Social Responsibility


Here at Dew Dream, we believe in giving back to the society, the best way is from our expertise. We provide free training for the physically challenged group.
Our aim is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER them with the right skills so that they can get back into the mainstream of working society and EXCEL in their work.Founded by passions to help other, we are strong believers that every business needs a website and every website needs to be maintained on a regular basis. With the right skills, the physically challenged group may be given an employment opportunity and even work from the comfort of their home.


At Dew Dream. we focus on providing free training that is in demand in the corporate world today.
Our training topics include Web Designing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (commonly known as Pay Per Click), Social Media Marketing and many others.After training, Dew Dream will also works closely with potential employment partners to help match our trainees to suitable jobs.